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Creating memorable experiences in superior spaces in the heart of Jeddah and London.

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Crafting greatness since 1952

Founded in Saudi Arabia in 1952, Bafarat is a family business which started importing herbs, spices, coffee and tea from around the world. 

Today, Bafarat has cafes in London and Jeddah. Creating unforgettable experiences by drawing on our heritage and using quality local ingredients in French-inspired patisseries that differentiate us from the rest.



We are speciality coffees roasters by trade - sourcing, roasting, blending, distributing and serving unique coffee experiences across the Kingdom and in Soho London. 

Our direct relationship with farmers across the world means we can consistently produce excellent coffee for our customers.

Our Coffee


Our talented pastry chef, Thomas Alphonsine, leads his passionate team to create exquisitely-made desserts, exceedingly tasty cakes and look-too-good-to-eat pastries at both cafe locations.

Our Pastry


After opening our first cafe in Jeddah in 2016, we then made our first international debut in London, bringing our exquisite interiors and pastry treasures to Soho in August 2019.

Experience our Ultimate

Winter Afternoon Tea

At our London cafe during the winter months, you can experience a festive afternoon tea like none other. Quickly being booked into the diaries of chocolate lovers across London and beyond, our festive feast is unlike any other afternoon tea you’ve ever experienced before. Not a hard scone or pot of weak tea in sight, our Winter Afternoon Tea excels the expectations of everyone who tries it.

And some lucky customers are in for a real surprise if they opt for the chocolate baubles!

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