Our Coffee

Savour the taste of the world’s best coffee beans, expertly roasted by our team and lovingly prepared by our master baristas

Our team travels the world to meet directly with the coffee growers, in search of the finest green beans and outstanding flavours. This direct trade has resulted in long-term, reciprocal and supportive relationships with farmers around the world, allowing us constant access to the premium quality green beans we need.

We are involved in the entire production cycle of the coffee, from harvesting and processing, to sorting, cleaning, drying, storing, roasting and blending, which enables us to deliver consistently high quality products to our customers. 

From signature blends to single origins

The craft of our Head Roaster is to roast each single origin coffee we source to perfection, highlighting the coffee’s intrinsic characteristics brought by growing region or varietal. The next skill is to create our signature blends which are always deliciously smooth and balanced but offer subtle differences with every cup!

We blend, roast and distribute daily from our roasting plant to ensure that we are serving the freshest coffee possible in our retail stores, online and in our cafes.

Experience Bafarat’s traditional SAUDI coffee 

In our cafes, our speciality is Saudi coffee, for which our reputation is unmatched. Served in a traditional dallah, coffee lovers can enjoy the experience and ceremony of traditional Saudi coffee in the contemporary and comfortable setting of our coffee houses. Bafarat’s Saudi coffee is lightly roasted and infused with fragrant cardamom and saffron.

Only the finest tools will do

We use state-of-the-art espresso machines from the team at La Marzocco. This business is at the forefront of speciality coffee machines and they use pioneering technology to design the best coffee machines in the world. We are proud to pull Bafarat coffee through these machines and they do our coffee proud.

Lovingly served by our passionate baristas

In our cafes, speciality coffee is our specialty. Our coffee is perfectly picked, roasted and served every time. You can trust that our skilled baristas will look after you and they know how to make the perfect cup of coffee - whether you want a straight-up espresso or a cappuccino topped with chocolate!


Want to speak to someone at one of our cafe locations? Simply use the maps below or click through to learn more about our Jeddah or London locations and get access to specific conact details, opening times, menus and booking forms.