Our Pastry

Our indulgent selection of French-inspired pâtisserie lies at the heart of our offering in both Jeddah and London.

From our Pistachio Eclair to our Caramel & Cinnamon Pillow, and from our Passionfruit Cheesecake to our Signature Lemon Tart, our collection of pâtisseries are artistically designed for unrivalled aesthetics, flavour and texture to create a moment of pure pleasure in your mouth.

We take great pride in our savouries too, serving up favourites such as Lobster Roll, Truffle Croque Monsieur and Salmon & Avocado Sourdough, which can be sampled on their own as a light lunch, or enjoyed as part our Ultimate Afternoon Tea.


Head pastry chef, Thomas Alphonsine, previously of French chocolate company, Callebaut, leads our dedicated and passionate team to craft regular new menu items which inspire and excite the taste buds (and Instagram feeds) of every guest who passes through our door..

Working in France as a Pastry Chef, I built my philosophy to focus on taste, texture, pure ingredients and design. My desire is to create a feeling, an experience - leaving you with a wonderful memory.

In the pastry line, you will find different flavours and textures. I am confident everyone will be able to find one or more pastries they truly love, which creates this feeling.

My team and I are proud to present this line to you and we sincerely hope you enjoy it.

We believe you are our muse and are looking forward to hearing your experiences.

Thomas the Pastry Chef Signature
Thomas Alphonsine
Executive Head Pastry Chef


Want to speak to someone at one of our cafe locations? Simply use the maps below or click through to learn more about our Jeddah or London locations and get access to specific conact details, opening times, menus and booking forms.