Bafarat, seen in the press

June 24, 2021

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Bafarat, seen in the press

June 24, 2021

Bafarat offers customers with an exquisite dining experience in the heart of London and Jeddah, but don't just take our word for it. Read on to see what some of our lovely customers are saying about us online.

October 2020

The Indian Lady Diaries - Bafarat, London

Author of The Indian Lady Diaries, Lady Romessa Sheikh recently visited Bafarat London to experience "magical moments" with the Ultimate Afternoon Tea. Witnessing a "masterpiece on a plate", she got exactly that, and more!

Smiling from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat, I truly was going to get the cream. I diligently watched with great concentration and tremendous anticipation, as the afternoon tea experience was magically created and transformed before my eyes, as piece by piece of exquisite and delicate artwork was arranged and placed in front of me.

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13 October 2020

Home Journal - Feast For The Senses: Bafarat London

Anji Connell from Home Journal came to see what all the excitement was about at our London cafe, and she was not disappointed. Anji was lucky enough to experience first-hand, everything that Bafarat is all about; from the sumptous interiors to the delicate pastries and savouries!

Bafarat Cafe is a serene and beautiful place to indulge the senses; it feels chic and luxurious, yet at the same time, it's fun and fresh, with a little bit of theatre.

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October 2020

Hype Experiences - Afternoon Tea Launch at Bafarat Cafe

Bafarat London recently welcomed Elise Bresler of Hype Experiences to try out our Ultimate Afternoon Tea and here's what she thought of it.

Every single dessert brought something new to the table, whether it was a tangy twist to your pallet or a chocolate haven; there is definitely something for everyone! I think it’s fair to say there is almost more than enough for two people if you have everything on the menu and it’s a perfect excuse to treat yourself and a loved one to a day out in a luxury café.

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October 2020

Hues of Delahaye - Bafarat Cafe Afternoon Tea London Review

Hues of Delahaye is a London based travel and lifestyle blog from a Jamaican gal with a 9 - 5. Focussing on cool London travel tips along with things to do in London by a local, visiting Bafarat cafe has long been on the list. Read on to see what she made of it!

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3 October 2020

Binny's Food & Travel - Afternoon Tea Review: Bafarat Cafe, London

Writer, dreamer and serial wanderluster, Binny of Binny's Food & Travel recently came to visit Bafarat London to enjoy the Ultimate Afternoon Tea, and she loved it!

We thoroughly enjoyed the Ultimate Afternoon Tea and it is absolutely spectacular, and the tast of each o fthe patisserie items is such a treat to the senses. Each one is made to perfection and it is definitely one of the most beautifully executed afternoon teas that I have tried to date, and I have tried a lot!

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1 October 2020

The Wandering Quinn - Afternoon Tea at Bafarat London. A unique London experience!

Ellie at The Wandering Quinn, is a food and travel fanatic, having visited over 60 countries since 2010 and tasted all the local delights along the way. Ellie came to Bafarat London for a speciality coffee and was in awe of what she witnessed other customers enjoying, so she soon returned for our Ultimate Afternoon Tea.

The six sweets were exquisitely made! I loved the mango and passionfruit cheesecake and the pistachio eclair most I think, although it was hard to choose.

Read the full article from Ellie over on her blog here.

17 September 2020

Dancing In High Heels - Bafarat Cafe Afternoon Tea, London

As somone who is always on the lookout for a new afternoon tea offering in London, Felicia from Dancing In High Heels came to visit Bafarat London especially for our Ultimate Afternoon Tea.

Felicia loved the attention to detail and that Chef Thomas Alphonsine explained the sequence that they should follow so that the stronger flavours of some of the patisserie do not overpower the more subtle flavoured ones. The afternoon tea display itself is a work of art, made from chocolate and sculpted by hand into the shape of an artistic chocolate tree. Once everything was put together with absolute finesse.

Each pastry was delicious and unique in their own way, it was hard to pick a favourite! Although I must say that I particularly enjoyed the mango & passion fruit cheesecake very much.

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13 September 2020

Adil Musa - Bafarat Cafe

Focussing on all things food, lifestyle, travel, events and attractions, Adil Musa is big on the London blogger scene, and he recently visited Bafarat to share his thoughts.

Their Afternoon Tea menu features some scrumptious savoury bites before guests can tuck into a selection of sweet treats, such as a pistachio éclair and Colombian coffee tart. You’ll find out just why Bafarat Café London have developed such a famous reputation for their desserts.
Overall: I’ve given this cafe a 9 out of 10

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